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Upcoming Community Dumpster Days - Sept 13 & November 27

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

A dumpster is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, July 6 at W. Rogers on the East side of Pimlico Rd. Arrival time is unknown but it is usually by 8 a.m. but it has arrived both earlier and later.

We will post to FB, the list serve, and announcement list when it arrives.

It will be available for a minimum of 4 hours or until full.

*Prohibited Items*

• Explosive or flammable materials, propane tanks

• Acids, caustics, pesticides, chemicals, antifreeze

• Liquids or liquid wastes, paint, motor oils

• Drums or tanks (unless clean & cut in half)

• Animal carcasses

• Large stumps, logs/branches greater than 8" in diameter or 6' long

• Appliances

• Tires, vehicle batteries

Happy Dumping!

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